Comment: Ah yes be sweet and nice to

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Ah yes be sweet and nice to

Ah yes be sweet and nice to them as we are packed into that boxcar.

THEY MAY HAVE KILLED US. This is not a game. This is like your sibling testing to see if a gun is loaded by dry-firing it at your head. Would you be nice at that moment? Doubt it.

We were nice to them, look where it got us.

We should know every "Paulian" in our districts and states, so we know who to help and protect in the future. For the rest of them, be they brainless masses or your own family who just didn't get a clue, consider them zombies, who are dead and shambling and never to be human again, and write them off. Don't let them on the lifeboat. Let them get what they deserve for the only future liberty has is for good people to be stepping over the bleached bones of these morons.