Comment: I too was crying...

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I too was crying...

...because I was laughing so hard at that FRAUD Willard, who cheated, lied, and flip-flopped his way to the most embarrassing electoral performance in recent memory.

For all the fraud he committed and all the propaganda about his electability, Willard's campaign will go down as the most poorly-run failure of a presidential campaign in American political history. Not only will he NEVER be President, none of his fellow neocons will either.

Does it suck that we're stuck with Obama for 4 more years? Sure... but it doesn't suck as bad as the alternative, which would have been the American public NOT soundly and thoroughly rejecting neocons and their politics of racism, bigotry, and fearmongering. Now real conservatives can take our party back, and it will be a LOT easier. I've already had several die-hard neocon friends tell me today that I was right all along and that we need more people like Ron Paul.

I don't play, I commission the league.