Comment: Graham and Scott need to go

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Graham and Scott need to go

and so does Haley. The problem is that they are all supported by the establishment.

I don't see any Dems that appear liberty minded around here but perhaps there will be a few Independents who show up and have enough charisma to garner attention.

I'm keeping my eye out.

Tom Davis and Lee bright are phenomenal State Senators but they are unlikely to take on the establishment directly without some serious pre-emptive backing.

Hopefully an exposed scandal or two will help. That's the only reason Haley is Gov and there's a good chance Romney backers were behind Sanford's demise.

God, the political BS here in SC is freaking endless!

Andre Bauer would have been a far more Liberty friendly congressman than Tom Rice in the new 7th district was way way ahead in the primary 1st round, but somehow Rice came out winning by far more than he should have. I hope Andre runs again, he was the ONLY candidate at the local debates to bring up The Fed, bringing troops home now etc. Not perfect, but heading in right direction.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul