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Very nice post, yes, I think you have a point...Education is in order. It is the message, not the man. Of course that man will never be forgotten and I would imagine as he continues to share the message of Liberty people will still flock to hear him!

I do think it wonderful idea for others to speak that message as well. It costs money I imagine to travel to speak. That is one thing we were able to help Dr. Paul with while he was campaigning. Of course this day and age, I suppose traveling isn't quite necessary, but the in-person-thing is very effective.

It concerns me that the Tea Party was so easily co-opted. mdefarge explained to me the different aspects of the tea party and its splits and co-opt, but I can't remember all that right now. Are you familiar with G.Edward Griffen?

One of his videos spoke about foundations and how collectivists take over foundations and use the power and money resident in the foundation to accomplish collectivist goals. I think that is what we are up against even when we start speaking outside the political process, there will be wolves in sheep clothing ready to take over the power and redirect it to their elitist goals. It concerns me that Friends of Liberty will not be on the watch for it.

Griffin's solution is for Liberty minded individuals to begin participating in those foundations and retaking them. I think that is what Dr. Paul has in mind for the GOP. There is resident power in the party that can be used. It is not a fast process, but must be carried out deliberately and patiently, which is exactly how our country is being taken down over a very long period of time.

I am glad to hear your words about the DP. Liberty is something that can call us all together. I enjoyed reading your explanation of Trolls here and your explanation on your Debate post about the defferent types of communication exhibited by different types of people here on the DP. Very interesting to see it put into words.

I think your words about watching to see who is worthy of Liberty support are wise…especially if there is not a steady record already on the books. I do think it is important to get involved politically locally. I haven’t done that yet. I am not fast on my feet, and have not learned to couch my words, except when writing, so as to not blast a person. It is also hard for me to absorb information without wanting to interrupt. So I have some personal work cut out for me if I can keep from alienating myself before being accepted. lol :)

Good luck on Your Grandson’s debate! The program sounds like education for parents as well as the children. Just think of all the promise your grandson holds! It makes me happy just thinking about it! I wonder if there are any people on the DP that went to debate class and or participated in debates. I probably would have enjoyed that in school, but never looked into it. mdefarge, do you know her? She was very active in her children's private school education. I wonder if she has any ideas?

Is there a way to look up an ID on the DP? I haven't ever found it unless it is someone I communicate with then I have to go back and find a comment and click on their ID. I wish I could just call up an ID. I wish I knew some programming skills. I would help the DP out with some of those type of user friendly of charge just so I could use them lol.