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Smile... confuses people.

was on a bumper sticker this morning while I took my oldest to the Doc. He has been sick for over a week. Found out today he has pneumonia. I thought he had flu last week, but it was another virus that he didn't get over so he went down hill yesterday.

He is doing great though. No worries there. Got meds and inhaler and seems to already feel better.

Anyways, that bumper sticker made me think of you.

Joe, I read your reply first thing this morning. I am going to come back here and talk some more, but I need to do some more chores first. I feel good today so I dare not sit and type all day. Anyways your story about Joe's Slaw was funny! So, your son knows about Joe's Law too :)

Someone gave me this video today. Looks interesting. Looks like power being produced into oversupply:

I wonder if it is on the up and up. Joe, I want you to know yours was the first reply I read this morning. It always is. It is always the hardest to answer, so I suppose it is my last so I can put thought into it. I have thougths for you that I am formulating. Have been thinking about Joes' law today. Don't get your expectations up too high though...remember, you are talking to a
b:) e:) a:) r:)