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Just Put The User into the search engine box if you can't find a post by the person to click on. Once to their profile you can click "all comments" and see everything they have ever posted. In my case...gulp...haha.

Yes, I know Griffin, subscribe to his newsletter and have read "Creature from Jekyll Island" which you would really like if you have not read it. Pretty much a classic now and very eye-opening.

Say a prayer for mdefarge and Nonna. Both are off-line friends of mine (along with Granger). They both are having a lot of personal difficulties due to the storm and much to deal with. All three are fantastic, sincere and genuine people. If you communicate away from the DP with any, ask for my email if you would like. I don't know how you give someone your email address privately as I don't have that button on my profile.

You are doing great. Thought the respect you got from the Octobox thread on your pro-life stand was wonderful. Basically it seemed to me that they saw your genuine goodness and were saying that once we evolve spiritually (maybe it is earn not evolve) to that consciousness level, most of these issues would not be issues. We would all be doing the right things and it would be baffling how anyone could ever tell anyone they had to ..say.. sit in the back of a bus. That one is still baffling to me. I concur and kudos to your spirit that they said that. Have a great evening.

PS: Best place to hide and have a personal conversation is in almost any article I have posted cuz nobody goes to them. Don't take that as a pity party. I always connect with the people I want most to connect with, it seems! Like you.