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Thanks Michael....

You have been a true hero to our movement and your sincere love of liberty and tireless work ethic will always be an inspiration. If anyone deserves to take a break or even retire from the fight you have certainly earned that right.

However, I can't help but believe that you have misread the situation. Obama was NEVER the sincere idealist that he pretended to be. And Rand will NEVER be the jaded and cynical politician that his critics already believe he has become. Not everything needs to devolve into politics as usual. And things didn't end up the way they are by accident.

I can't prove any of those statements. But they all seem patently obvious... to me.

I wish that you could have the faith and optimism that I feel for the Republican strategy in general and leaders like Rand Paul in particular, but I know that some things just can't be communicated that simply.

I guess all I can say is, "Watch". And I hope you enjoy seeing some victories.

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