Comment: It's time

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It's time

for a real attempt at a new party to replace the Republicans.

Liberty will catch on, but not fully without profound cultural evolution over time.

While there is sympathy for the idea (dollar collapse and Obama win), we need to build a coalition to fight back against encroaching tyranny.

The key is to restart the original tea party coalition to fight republicans and democrats. The 'anyone but Obama' failed miserably and the Tea Party will NOT do a darn thing about debt limits. 2012 is over. There's no more Ron Paul, and no more AnybodyButObama.

But that original coalition of tea partiers, before the 'Tea Party', has no excuse but to now organize.

We were torn apart by internal strife because we're passionate and from diverse backgrounds.

But we ALL want to fight the federal beast and roll it back. I think there's a possibility to organize around that alone.