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You don't remember the

You don't remember the insults, the cursing, the sneering. It would be enough to have just dealt with ignorance, but the rank and file LOVED doing it. They relished in it.

They deserve what they get.

Our survival now depends on being a hard target. When it's time for a roundup, someone's gotta say "you and what global army and how much do you want to sacrifice?".

With the plan I see in this thread, it's going to me more like "yeah, they still come to the meetings. Just call the district chair and find out when the need meeting is, and when these (Ron Paul) people show up, arrest them in the parking lot. Take them to the connexes in the nearest abandoned industrial park for processing. Yeah funny how we keep the FEMA camps empty so our trolls can keep telling everybody that the camps are empty and all these disappearances are kooky conspiracy theory".

Keep waving the bumper stickers and founders' quotes and see where it gets you.