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The pundits are already talking about Jeb Bush as "the guy" in the GOP who can appeal to Latinos, and change the demographics back in favor of the Republicans, i.e. the savior of the GOP.

You also have to remember George W. Bush should have had no chance in hell back in 2000. Back then, unemployment was at 3%, we had balanced budgets, relative peace (compared to the last 12 years), and zero logic or reason to go back to the failed model of trickle-down "Reaganomics" for the wealthy -- which drove up the debt in the first place.

Yet Bush made the Election close enough for them to steal it right in the light of day. Why? Because the Bush's are a brand name. The U.S. Media and the Republican Establishment have sheltered them from their criminal record, and given them a free pass, and made them "royalty" in this Country. And because they hyped-up Bush as the "guy that you wanted to have a beer with" (ignoring his record, and complete lack of competence).

And just look what happened after Bush presided over the worst attack ever made on this Country, and created an unnecessary clusterfu*ck of a War in Iraq based on demonstrable lies, and drove-up the debt and created record budget deficits, and was found guilty of Human Torture programs (Hitler-esque) .....all of which should have driven him from office in shame? It didn't matter: Bush still won re-election again in 2004 anyway.

You see the problem? It doesn't matter what these guys do. Just like Dick Cheney can shoot a man in the face, and not go to Jail.

The Bush's have mastered CIA criminal BlackOps techniques that include theft of Elections better than anyone else has before or since. They stole two elections in 2000 and 2004, and also murdered Senator Paul Wellstone. The can turn on The Network more completely and better than anyone else -- which assures that the impossible happens, and that the false becomes the reality, or a losing hand is made to appear as a winning hand. They also own the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Justice Dept. in a way that nobody else does.

Romney is a powerless serf in comparison to the Bush Family. This is the family that is responsible for so many things: Kennedy Assasination, Iran-Hostage, October Surprise, Iran-Contra, Banking Scandals, False Flag Ops, 9/11, Wars, Human Torture, and Stolen Elections.

Anytime that Jeb Bush wants, the GOP Nomination is all matter who else is in the race (and anyone else will be pressured to leave, and the sea will be parted to ensure Bush wins).

Winning the general election is just a Black Op for these people.