Comment: Our National Government is Trying to be a Democracy

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Our National Government is Trying to be a Democracy

And our constitution, flawed even at the beginning, has been corrupted even more since then.

BUT, our constitution was still designed with the dangers of democracy in mind, and its framework STILL provides a way out.

The Dems and GOP are part of the establishment that created America's "Constitution Democracy" which is sickeningly being pushed in the culture now.

But the threads of the constitution still as yet hold.

Let's create a new party that is free from specific ideology, but fights to restore republicanism in America.

It IS NOT YET TIME TO ABANDON THE COUNTRY and government. There is still a constitution there. But the political establishment is hopeless. IT IS TIME TO ABANDON THE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT.

Let's start a new party that will squeeze in there and use the constitution and its powers to overthrow the establishment.

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