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You Rand bashing pecker heads

Seem to not know a thing about politics. Here's my observation: Those Paulistas I know that are active politically (running for office) where I live don't give a crap about Rand's endorsement. The ones to lazy to lift a figure to even walk a block to hand out campaign literature seem all to ready to complain about Rand. What gives?

To me the Rand endorsement means shit. When we dump Rand is when he stops fighting in the Senate for legalizing hemp, ending the fed, ending the NDAA, the Patriot act, illegal wars, and stops defending the Bill of Rights. Get that pecker heads!!

You Rand bashers are like high school girls and fashion--someone makes a big fuss about a pretty dress and the next week every girl is wearing the same dress. A seemingly non-thinking, need I say, collectivist response to one mans action.

Maybe you are using Rand's endorsement as way to check your lazy asses out for doing any work for liberty. My other observation: Maybe you hate all things GOP and establishment more that you love liberty? I’m trying to figure this out.

Rand is in a chess match with the GOP and is mastering the art of politics. And he will play the game better than his dad--and he has a far better chance at winning than dad. Prove it? Last night I was at a GOP party with many NeoCons and heard Rand’s name mentioned three times for potus 2016. (I did hear Rubio’s also)

Remember an endorsement for some is just a political ploy. Rand is now the general leading the charge to advance the cause of liberty.

Today the Rand Paul Revolution begins!!!