Comment: Keep fighting for civil

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Keep fighting for civil

Keep fighting for civil liberties and non-interventionism.

Rand Paul is his own person and he's allowed to play politics and doesn't have to be a 100% ritually pure Rothbardo-anarcho-liberto-capitalo-rentacopist to be a good candidate. The last thing we need to do is trade practicality for ideology. Aren't ideological anti-statists, robotically chanting "private good, government bad" as dangerous as ideological statists chanting "four legs good, two legs bad"?

I understand the history of libertarianism but as a very conservative libertarian I am going to be very insistent in saying that when we embrace radical ideology instead of practicality and conservatism we risk becoming the Marxists of the 21st century, forcing ideas that never existed beyond paper onto the world and destroying society.