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I would suggest that America (and most of the world) finds themselves in the socialism mess we are in is because the sheeple are gullible. They are quick to believe, rather than engage in the arduous task of thinking objectively (void of emotion or prejudice). For example, Mitt is asking the people to believe that he can fix the economy. Obama asked people to believe that he is going to bring real change. Most people don't want to think. They want to be told the way things are, and what they are to do.
Most people who grasp what Ron Paul is about have moved from "believing" to a "knowing for themselves". It has been my experience that most people steeped in religion have not yet moved from "believing in God" to "knowing God". And because such an individual has taken a position, and we are bred with a "need to be right", it is hard nut to crack.
Sighting the bible as authority inherently implies belief, rather than a knowing. The statement above somehow implies that I should believe that God laughs because the bible says so. Unfortunately believing it does not empower me. In deed, it makes me more insecure because I am relying on an external source. On the flip side, knowing God's love does empower me, and my need to prove my point by sighting the bible completely dissipates. In deed, the bible then becomes not a source of authority for truth, but an edification of it. Truth exist, whether the bible exists or not. Truth exists, independent of your interpretations, or mine.