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"the definition of marriage

"the definition of marriage is what it is."

According to whom, you? Whatever happened to freedom of speech? So long as I'm not initiating force against anyone, I should have the right to use words however I please. I have every right to associate with an individual of the opposite sex, and I have the right to call it "marriage" "a civil union" "partnership" or even a "blue banana milkshake" if I feel like it. It's none of your damn business, and it's shameful that you're butting into everyone's private lives making sure they use words in a way that fits within your subjective framework.

By the way, when you said "Gay people have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex as well as join into same sex unions", then you implied that they DON'T have the right to marry someone of the same sex. I'm saying that they have the right to voluntarily associate with whomever they please however they please and call it whatever they want so long as they aren't violating anyone's liberties. You sound like a liberal trying to protect your right not to be offended.