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Comment: Well, I can tell you what I'm

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Well, I can tell you what I'm

Well, I can tell you what I'm doing. I'm contemplating moving out of California. Now I have had this though in the back of my head for the past few years, but after Prop 30 passed (raised the state sales tax under the threat of "no more money for schools") I took it as a sign of where this State is ultimately going to end up. I've looked over my options, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Idaho. I say these states because they are listed as the freest (of course New Hampshire being home of the Free State Project). However, I am leaning towards Idaho because its closer to my present location, and I just don't think I could stomach the extreme cold in New Hampshire and South Dakota. Idaho also doesn't permit sobriety check points, and has very lax laws regarding mandatory schooling (especially in terms of homeschooling) which is important for me because I do have a young child, and has fairly decent weather particularly in the Spring, Summer and Fall months. We are 18 hours out from the election, and I've already have started to plan a family trip to Idaho to get a feel for the state (and to convince the ol' lady). My aim is to limit the burden of government on my family.