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Mars...You Say!

I am putting this first so you I won’t need to bother you with it again.

My question is based upon Speer starting at page 10 and going thru page 14 or so:
“migrations out of Assyria around 671 B.C.. In 740
B.C. the warring Assyrians invaded the Northern kingdom of
Israel, with Samaria as its capital, and the tribes were
subsequently swept off into captivity and utterly lost to
history by 710 B.C. (II Kings 15:19-38 and Chapters
16,17 ,18) It will be of interest to find that they are not
lost, thanks to Russian research in the nineteenth
century. They were held in captivity until the fall of…”

(that was just the beginning portion…you would need to go to Speer and re read if you are not familiar with what those words are prefacing in the Anglo-Saxon Israeli connection.

You said you stopped reading a reply of mine the other day and I want to make sure that you read this information with eyes wide open because as far as I know you are not racist in your thinking:
From here :
“I have read the first 14 or so pages of the actual body of the book by Speer. The Anglo-Saxon connection is used by White Supremists to say the black man is the son of the (information on those groups here: ) . I don’t know if that is where Speer is going, but I ask you to be very careful because I don’t know where this post was going either:
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“There is a reason that the ethnic races can trace their history back two thousand yaers before the 'white' man (look at the Chinese). Your thoughts on this would be?”
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I have no concerns in that area

Colossians 3:11 KJV
Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all.

1 Timothy 1:4 KJV
Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.

Revelation 5:9 KJV
And they sung a new song, saying , Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain , and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;
Joe, I hope telling you that information does not make you think I think you fell off a turnip truck…I laugh just thinking about those words and thinking of you as a turnip bouncing off a truck... :) I am sure you know there are people that only like white people. There are a lot of people like that in Missouri. I suppose there may be people like that everywhere, but we have groups here and compounds here that focus on things like the black man being the seed of Satan and those pastors incorporate that information into their preaching. We had one show up about 10 miles down the road from us. That new pastor tried to take over the assets of that country church. That is not here say, that is a personal experience that my husband had to be involved in.

So, there may be true Anglo-Saxon migration information that says we are descended from the Jews [I have no way of knowing whether that is true] and there may be counterfeit Anglo Saxon migration information that says the black man is the devil and I KNOW that is NOT TRUE. Do you already know about this or am I telling you something new? I only want to make sure you know. I am not telling you what to do. But I am telling you if you go down that Black man is the devil road with people advocating common law I am not going down that road. Is that type of information in Speer’s Book?
Mars One, you say…

Here is how my mind works. What if…they pocket the money and let the humans die…What if…the televised operation that is funding the project is only a move set here on earth…

Cui Bono?

OK got that out of my system. Wow, that sounds neat! Maybe a vertical fish farm will be in the plans! Will you be planning to go to Mars?! Maybe Joe’s Law can be put to work on Mars!

Joe’s Law: Power produced into oversupply reduces the price of power while purchasing power increases because power reduces the cost of production.


Joe’s Generosity:

POWER PRODUCED INTO OVERSUPPLY = Joe reading a lot of books and Joe thinking a lot about the Power Struggle day in and day out, night in and night out, Joe typing day in and day out, night in and night out.

REDUCES THE PRICE OF POWER = Joe formulating that power into sound bites, paragraphs and dialog that reduces the message down so that someone else does not have to do all the work Joe did.

WHILE PURCHASING POWER INCREASES: bear or anyone who gets to read and talk and discuss Joe’s powerbase which has been produced into oversupply because bear or anyone else does not have to read all the pages and do all the thinking that Joe does: Those people get the Joe [Cliff] Notes.

BECAUSE POWER REDUCES THE COST OF PRODUCTION: bear or anyone else can produce bear [Cliff/Joe] notes at a lessor cost than what Joe had to spend and can spread the Message of Liberty more easily and faster because the cost of production was less and more people can hear and more people can make notes and tell others who tell more people…
“Man-made law is counterfeit God's law, yes or no?”

It depends upon the foundation of the Man Made Law. God’s Law is boiled down into Love God and Love People as you Love Yourself. Jesus said all of the law and the prophets hang upon those 2 commandments. So some of man’s law may be based upon God’s Law. If Man’s Law is Crime made legal, then perhaps it is counterfeit as it would be unconstitutional and in accordance with Chuck Baldwin’s Romans 13 God requires that man submits to the authority of the land…the authority of our land is the constitution to which all are to submit…no one is to be above the law of the land which is the constitution.

“Who says no?”

I say it depends based upon my above explanation.

“Do you trust them?”

It depends if man’s law is in support of God’s Law

“If not, why not?” I should not trust them if man’s law is not in support of God’s Law

“A man who says my law is God's Law is not to be trusted because the lie is self evident?”

I agree, that would not be a man I would want to trust

“So what do you do about that self-evident liar?”

Catch him in his lies before he steals too much power whereby he gains power while I become to weak to compete with his power.

“Pay him a lot of money to lie more for you?”

That appears to be the American Way…as evidenced by what we see.

“Iam describing The Constitution.
It was a lie, and we have gone through that, Patrick Henry blew the whistle, in no uncertain terms.
If it is crime, then it is crime, and the excuse of The Constitution is diversion, the criminal who commits the crime is responsible for committing the crime - end of story.”

I know Joe. I understand. That is a very deep screw. But it is the very Document that Miller is going to use in Common Law. It is the very document that is supposed to protect Natural Rights, and yet I know the passage “…without question…” and I know it only has strings of a fiddle so that any tune can be played…and I know that IS has been perverted.

“Lies only injure the people who are led to believe the lies.”

I think there may be some room to talk about that point. Lies injure even the people who do not believe those lies. Lies can entrap people that know better. Especially when the liar is carrying a gun or flying a drone.

“What ever happened to self-evident truth? “

When people have been staring at the sun so long they are to blind to see the truth.

“How can any lie stand up to the light of day, without more liars taking the place of the inventors?”

Oh, the lie is perpetuated by liars. Those that benefit from the lies keep them going.

“…you tell me, who needs all those law books, all that political philosophy, and all that economic theory?
Why do they need all that stuff?”

To make it confusing in order to hide the lies? Also so that the people that use those things perpetuate the lie and are then needed to interpret those books and to get paid well while doing that interpretation.

“I put radishes in my Joe's Slaw last time.
No one is buying it.”

Those words made me laugh :)

“Take one solar panel, costing x, before long the solar panel makes enough power to afford to buy 2 more, what does that mean?”

It means Joe’s Law is happening!

“What is the reverse of Joe's Law?
Power produced into scarcity increases the price of power while purchasing power decreases because lack of power makes production expensive.”

Joe, how come for the first part the words aren’t “Power [reduced to] scarcity…?

“You have me confused with your imagination there…”

My imagination is insecure. I suppose it is the opposite of Joe’s Law. I wonder if Joe’s law can be applied psychologically?

“We won't be staring at the sun much longer?”

I can only hope that we can make it thru the next 4 years.

“If 4 hours of productive work a day in the 19th century was sufficient to earn a Standard Living Standard, meaning not starving, or meaning a life worth living, then why, after oil, after unimaginable POWER, the trend is more input and less output?”

Joe, We can make it on 4 hours a day…

That link gives the number of months and days per state that the average American must work to pay government taxes and regulations. The average amount for 2012 was until July 15. For every 8 hour day more than 4 hours of that is taken from the worker. Then one must consider what is done with that 4+ hours that is taken. Is the power produced into oversupply, or is the power diminished?

“So, again, what explains the road blocks here on Earth?”

Legal Criminals who use Joe’s Law to increase exponentially their power while forcing the opposite of Joe’s Law on their victims.

(I am not using my power to proof this...I barely got it written today. I did get alot done at the house today. I have not felt good for several weeks, but today was a good and physically productive day. Now if I can just have 2 in a row I might get ahead!)