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Comment: I've two observations

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I've two observations

I've only watched to 3:25... I admit being embarrassed for this woman, I've cringed several times while watching. My observations

1) She has apparently spent hours and hours and hours learning how to use a computer and use facebook, along with combing the net for stories to post... Does she have a job? I'm very interested in knowing how she supports herself; given her hatred of socialism, I'd find it particularly frustrating if she was receiving SSI or disability, etc.

2) I'll never forget something my neo-con mother said to me the night Obama was elected, in 2008. As he was walking out to give his acceptance speech at that park in Chicago, along with his wife and two kids, my mother yelled "Yeah, celebrate the win you ****ing ***got," then walked into her bedroom, slammed the door, and went to bed. While I can't imagine (I no longer live with my mother) her making a rant and posting it as this woman has; I'm fairly certain my mother's reaction was rather similar.

I find it funny that we, the supporters of Dr. Paul, have been painted as sycophants, mindless drones/robots, 'paultards' and all the rest of the terms when, in fact, in loss we've been far more graceful. Sure, we'll produce a video or blog post detailing what we believe to be fraudulent acts on the part of the GOP (and provide evidence along with it), and yes, we'll criticize the President on his backwards policies of shredding the Constitution and drone-warfare, both of which should piss off his base... But we take it all in stride rather well.

Neo-Cons, however, are closer to this lady. Blindly devoted to a man who was the same as Barack Obama with exception of tax policy and foreign policy (Romney being more likely to launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran), Neo-Cons touted him as the answer to our economic despair and socialist ways. However, his speeches were just as filled with empty-words and promises as Obama's are. This woman was attracted to the R after his name, and what FoxNews/Drudge would tell her. I hate to say it, but that is my mother as well. I'm afraid of even speaking to her when Thanksgiving comes around, because I know she hates my voting Gary Johnson (she told me as much when we last spoke), and she hated my support of Dr. Paul in the primaries.

Had Obama lost, we'd have seem similar levels of rage and disappointment amongst his supporters; YouTube would have been lit up with new videos describing racism in America, and hatred for the poor, and all of that jazz. The truth is, if you look at that exit polling data from yesterday, it's remarkably disgusting just how split along party lines the country is. R or D. Lib or Con (Prog or Neo-Con, really). Everybody who voted for Obama believes R's hate poor people. Everybody who voted Romney thinks D's want something for nothing. Large majority of those who voted Romney were white. An extremely large majority of those who are black voted Obama (93%). The divisions attributed to labels, rather than actual ideas/positions is simply disappointing.

That said, this woman needs a lot of sedation. With luck, she lives and Colorado or Washington and can take on a new bad habit (I heard her alcohol habit).