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Comment: Rand has learned from his father's mistakes

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Rand has learned from his father's mistakes

I believe Ron told his son, don't do what I did. Don't try to change the party from the outside, It won't work. Rand endorsed Romney so he could stay on the inside. If he had snubbed the nominee, he would be ousted from the party and would never get back in. Ron Paul said it back in January, we are going to change the party by making the outsiders the insiders. Rand is an insider now.

Our job is to take the party from the inside. From the bottom up. We need to become delegates for our precincts and get into the party. Vote out the leadership and install our own. The party can't pick who's running (contrary to what we saw this last cycle) but they can influence who that nominee likely will be.

For my county, we have created the Republican Liberty Caucus. All of the liberty supporting delegates are members and we are going to take our county party.

In two years, we need to have a firm grasp on the grassroots of the party and have Constitutional people ready to run for office.