Comment: I Think The Biggest Question Is...

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I Think The Biggest Question Is...

Did Rand's endorsement and subsequent campaigning get Romney any actual votes?

Seems to me most of these supposed 'campaign stops' should instead be called 'fundraising stops'. I mean, who really attends these little get-togethers, anyway? Undecided people? Seems like it's more die-hard fanatics who love to get up a good whoo-hoo-rah-rah every once in a while, throwing their dollars to the empty hat in the middle.

Sort of like Ron Paul rallies :).

So Rand might have coaxed a few more Benjamins into Romney's (very large and vacuous) hat but I don't think he got many votes.

As for the endorsement, well, to judge by the 700+ 'down-votes' the announcement got here on Daily Paul, this may have actually helped to set some real, politically active people 'on the web' against Romney once and for all. The final dirty trick, some thought. Icing on a poop cake.

And during this time Rand was still able to stir things up in the Senate with his controversial, and often misunderstood, vote on Federally mandated GMO labeling, pro-hemp legislation for Kentucky, stonewalling aid to Pakistan, and much more.

Then he got to go on the campaign trail and be our eye on the inside, just by reciting a few meaningless, symbolic, laughable words 'I'm endorsing Mitt Romney for President'.

Every time a stop was scheduled in a state his name would be on the local news, and they would often mention that he was the son of Ron Paul.

Chris Indeedski!

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