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Comment: Good point!

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Good point!

People use whatever is convenient as justification for whatever comes out of their mouth. Whatever comes out of their mouth is usually spawned from emotion, and the rational explanation is generally made up after the fact. That is what I think. (I've experienced it first hand!)

I am surprised that the election turned out as it did. I admit that I thought the fix was in, and that Romney would be handed the win. Clearly I was wrong. How do I explain it? I can't, really. Not without going through the steps I outlined above, and I don't really want to embarrass myself that way.

So all I can say is that the voting machines are black boxes. We know what goes it, but not what comes out. This secrecy - all secrecy and mystery - is the source of conspiracy theories. If people don't know what really happened, then they start making things up.

We're meaning making machines, we humans. Everything has to 'make sense' in one way or another.

On thing that sticks out is the last minute patch applied to the Ohio voting machines. What was it? Was the Romney camp afraid they'd been exposed, and rolled back the plan they had in place? Ben Swann exposed it to a national audience. Ben Swann is right there in Ohio. Did they fear getting caught?

But give Ohio and Florida to Romney and ... and he still wouldn't have had enough to win.

I don't know what to believe. But I do believe they have the capability to fix the outcome of elections.