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Keep in mind that the

Keep in mind that the unemployment rate is only 3% for people with a degree from a I think their skills are fairly marketable.

How the hell does socialist keynesian politically correct palaver have to do with engineering? Engineering isn't economics.

Yeah, silicon valley firms get IIT (public school) trained engineers from India.

I think, Californians have to think. The private sector solution to this problem is to bring in immigrants/move the company to the areas where the talent is available. If Californians want to change that, what are they going to do?

Another example; look at a nation like France or Germany. Their population growth is a real problem; there is going to be a labor shortage (there already has been). The solution so far has been for companies to leave, or bring in immigrants. The people of Germany and France hate this. They don't want immigrants. So what did they do? They gave taxpayer incentives to have kids, to boost population, to keep the ethnic population they prefer.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:


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