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The founders did not set up

The founders did not set up the system as a 2 party system. Otherwise there would not be more than 2 parties... there are more than 2 parties.

I agree that the Republican party should be changed from within, keep pushing that forward! However, that is not what this thread was made for discussing.

Libertarians hit a milestone 1 million votes this election. While that is insignificant, how much screen-time and discussion in the general public do Libertarian candidates ever get?

If the media reported Ron Paul more fairly, then would we have him as president today? I believe that concept stands within reason. Think of the Republican party as being "the two party system" and Ron Paul being "a third party" as an example.

3rd parties stand a fair chance if they are reported fairly.

Since the media is unable to conduct fair reporting, let's come up with an alternative solution to promote the Libertarian party... AS WELL AS changing the republican party.

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