Comment: Yes ... and No.

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Yes ... and No.

For those Republicans who honestly want to see a smaller government that abides by the Constitution, yes by all means be nice because we are on the same team. They just chose a bad solution because they did not take the time to educate themselves. Some of those people are so stubborn that they are a lost cause, but some can come around.

However ...

When it comes to the Democrats who really, really, really believe that government bureaucrats should be dictator for everyone's life, it is time we STOP THE BULL. It is time we call them out and CALL THEM IMMORAL.

Those people are SCUM. They believe in nasty, dangerous, and evil ideas that DESTROY PEOPLE LIVES -- and they are too stupid and/or arrogant to realize it.

After TWICE electing Obama, I have no more sympathy nor empathy with any true blue statist. They are IMMORAL and they must be SHOCKED into thinking about why they think what they do.

They have no problem being mean to everyone else -- I see no reason to be pacifists in this arena. Be blunt. Be nasty, if necessary because they will take any argument against them as being nasty anyway. They must be set straight if this whole thing is going to turn around.

THEY are the problem.