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That's a good plan, but

That's a good plan, but here's what you need to make it work:

1) a website with resources to know how to do this and examples of it working, and so people can connect.

2) a pamphlet or something to make the process easy to understand so that folks can at least give their support to the idea even if they can't get involved

3) local coalitions of folks who meet to coordinate on these common goals - help educate, plus get your grand juries etc.

4) a way for local coalitions to correspond with other coalition

My idea of a political party is just a way for people in the above situation to start to get involved in the national political system. I know it's pretty broken, but I think there are enough 'sheeple' out there ready to try something else.

At a minimum, a national party could help get the federal authority off the backs of people trying to assert their influence over local authority as they defend self-sovereignty and individual rights.