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Haha I feel compelled

to offer again my idea for the post-GOP world:

Long story short - a new political party based on federalism and constitutionalism that compromises on the federal level so libertarians can join a larger coalition of post-GOP tea party types. We have differences, so the coalition will be unified by pushing certain issues to the state level for a nuanced local debate there, and settling other issues with constitutionality. So, yeah those guys like war, but force them to agree to constitutional war. Congressional declarations of war for use of force, congress decides national strategy and sets war goals, not executive national security complex for example. The establishment would never support that, but tea party PEOPLE would. That's the key to building a coalition we can all support.

The name for the party: The Columbia Party. Columbia is what we called this country when speaking of it as a whole back in the day when the political entity called USA was NOT considered 'the country'. The idea of the Columbia Party is that we represent the people of this land WHO ARE SOVEREIGN AND SUPERIOR to USA which derives its power from US. Plus it's old-timey and cool sounding, and better than "American Constitution Liberty Party" or whatever.