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My thoughts

I was surprised that the race was so close. I actually thought that Obama was gonna win in a landslide. Not because "Most American's are socialists" or whatever. But because Romney had very little support from the right demographics. Mittens was pretty much in line with the Rich and White vote, while Obama (I know they are both the same, but I'm thinking of Rhetoric here)appealed to minorities, middle class, the poor, and women. Considering that the majority of Americans are Sheople and will fall in line behind whatever candidate says the right things at the right times without doing the research for themselves. Also, the Republican party ran a campaign, not on the issues, but on the mantra "Anyone but Obama"... Whoever thought that this election was going to be THAT easy for the Republicans were not thinking clearly.

So my conclusion is that YES I think that the results are rigged. But I think they were rigged to make the election seem a lot closer than it really was. Obama would have won between the two in a "fair" election, in my opinion.

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