Comment: This is my request for reparation:

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This is my request for reparation:

1. Publicly (as in National TV) and completely withdraw the Romney endorsement.

2. Publicly (as in National TV) and personally apologize to each and every PCP and Delegate that laid down their full Ron Paul support and backing in the 2012 run.

3. Publicly (as in National TV) denounce (by name and violation) each and every RNC and GOP leadership member that was involved in the manipulation and dishonesty of the 2012 State and National Conventions.

4. BONUS: State Publicly (as in National TV) that he is only in the Republican party because it is a tool - not because he really wants to be there. And that after this election, he will be leaving the Republican Party for good.

If you do these to adequate satisfaction, I will most likely see to it that every disaffected supporter in my area will be mustered up and put into action for your 2016 Presidential run.