Comment: To continue we need a banner and a vision

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To continue we need a banner and a vision

The banner has been Ron Paul. Not just in his ability to inspire and as something to rally behind, but as a label to give the movement identity and unity.

The liberty movement should and must remain unique and independent and ought to operate through sites like this one and via labels such as rEVOLution, which recall the good ole' days so to speak.

But remember in Iowa when Ron Paul had like 30% plus? There's a huge chunk of the GOP that was and probably is ready to go along with the liberty movement and achieve real results that are meaningful to all of us. THAT'S what we should be devoted to now.

I envision the GOP falling apart, and America realigning into liberty vs. statist. With such a stark choice, reality and economic law will give liberty the win.

I propose we all create and join a third party movement intent to replace the GOP. And we bring in that Iowa 30% to build it. It means resolving difference through a truce based on federalism: letting a lot of issues get settled at the state level, or by proper constitutional means, but uniting when it comes time to reduce the power of the federal government.

Times are changing, social issues just don't play anymore. More Americans are dependent and willing to embrace socialism. Our electoral process WILL shift to reflect that. So let's get ahead of it so that OUR values represent liberty's side and not billionaire 'libertarians'.

I have a proposal I've been hoping people would read, discuss and build upon with me: