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Ross Perot came closest

He was leading in the national polls just 5 months before the election, with 39%. Then, he dropped out. Then, he dropped back in. He got into the presidential debates (1992 was the last time there were more than 2 candidates in the debates). He ended up with 19% of the vote.

He had ...

(1) Ballot access in all 50 states. He got volunteers to do this.

(2) He had a clear message: he was anti-NAFTA ("That big sucking sound you will hear ..."). And he was right. This message hit home with A LOT of people. Not a good, but a GREAT message is probably the most important thing of all.

(3) He got good media exposure, for the most part. This cannot be counted on by any third party who wants to challenge the system. He is more likely to be bashed by the media. So, you will need a way to BYPASS the media, such as internet, email, direct mail, radio & TV ads, etc.

(4) He got into the debates. This might require a lawsuit that must be set up LONG before the actual debates. Otherwise, it will require either getting a high polling number in the national polls (unlikely without good media exposure or even being mentioned in those same polls), or EXTREME pressure on the media because they will ignore anything less. They have an agenda.

(5) He ran infomercials on TV because he had MONEY. Do the same thing if you got money. If not, it will have to be alternate methods to get the message to millions of people.

That's if you want to go for the office of president. The Libertarian Party has been trying for 40 years and they have failed miserably.

First, you need to find a message that MILLIONS of Americans can buy into and that will MOVE THEM to abandon what they think is "normal." Then, you need to get that message out and do so through channels that are hostile to your message (or find alternate channels).

My idea is different.

I say forget the presidency and, for the most part, forget the federal government completely. Go for the states.

We need to enforce the Constitution. THAT is the #1 problem.

However, we do not need to enforce the Constitution from the federal level. We can do it from the state level.

I say take over STATE legislatures with candidates who will enforce the 10th Amendment.

It would be possible to focus on specific districts, which means marketing resources could be focused to bypass the media -- direct mail, email, local radio & TV, people knocking on doors, etc.

But I think it would be best to do so by taking over both major parties.

The Overton Window can go BOTH ways.