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The entire election on the presidential level is faked.

Just like, our entire Republic, under Rule of Law, with checks and balances is now fake.

The black box e-voting machines are merely the final nail in the coffin. They have masterminded the art of fostering the illusion, that we are participants in the fate of this nation - that, by virtue of the fact they condition the population to believe we still have a "say" in who is steering the ship every two years - that we still do.

When the simple fact of the matter is that - since the Executive branch has now superseded the other two branches in power (by design) - this is the arena where they (the puppet masters) leave nothing to chance and orchestrate the entire thing from beginning to end.

There is some "wiggle room" for the tens of thousands of people to believe (sincerely) that this is an organic, genuine process, so they will get emotionally, intellectually, and actively involved in it.

The House and Senate races are also rigged, although not quite as organized and pervasive as it is in the completely false presidential race. There can still be surprises there

And there is still plenty of room at the State and local level for representatives to get elected fairly. The fraud there is not on the same scale, at all.

But they use sophisticated understanding of human nature and psychology to herd people into playing along with the charade that the presidential elections are the Big Chance for everyone to change the course of the Big Ship.

Once you do some research on propaganda techniques, brainwashing psychology, emotional hot buttons, normalcy bias, cognitive dissonance .. etc etc ..

You can see it being used in the media on a 24/7 basis. You can see it in the reactions of the people around you, even when - on other levels - they seem like reasonably intelligent, functioning people that have rational things to say.

There is a massive disconnect between reality and peoples ability to comprehend it and critically think about what is happening.

Even when an issue (any issue) is huge and looming in front of them (pick one) - and you point it out and show them the evidence - so many people will get a glazed look, or nod along, and then it slips away from them.

I know I'm not the only one that has noticed this. Because people mention it here all the time. Many of you are experiencing the same thing.

It wasn't always this bad. How is that possible - in an age in human history, where INSTANT access to an infinite ocean of information is available - how is is possible that people as a whole are LESS informed and MORE naive and gullible than even those of us who have lived more than 30 or 40 years can remember?

They have effectively covered up the most glaring massive obvious crimes against the human race - the things that are sitting right in front of everyone's face every day - and far less than 10% of us are even aware of them. At *all*

We are dealing with sophisticated brainwashing and mind control methods on a massive scale. This is not science fiction anymore.

Welcome to the future.

This entire election was fake.

And one of the *only* aspects of is that was (and is) thoroughly genuine, about the entire thing?

Is Ron Paul, and us. The people that "get it"..

And they hate us for it. We are the biggest threat.

We scare the hell out of them.