Comment: I disagree with your premise.

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I disagree with your premise.

The issue is not: When does life begin?

The issue is: When do rights begin?

Life begins at conception. There can be no argument that, absent abortion or miscarriage, a fertilized egg will evolve into a baby.

But to me, that is not the issue. The issue is about rights, because it is rights that are being enforced.

I hope one thing we can all agree on in this forum is that the Constitution does not address abortion. It is, therefore, not a federal issue. It is a state issue.

My take is that a woman has a right to not have an unwanted life inside her, just as I do. It is not pleasant. But each of us controls our own body or we do not. And if we do not, then what right does anyone claim to control their body for any other purpose?

Seems like viability is the best compromise and those who are anti-abortion should focus on influence by persuasion, not by gunpoint.

It is the anti-abortionists more than any other who keep otherwise small government political candidates out of office.