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probably the case

There were 12 million less voters turn out than in 2008.
Does that mean apathy is on the increase, I hardly think so, if it's the case, more likely people are waking up to the charade that is political elections and are simply refusing to be a part.
That also suggests there are many people out there that need to be woken up to the big picture and become an active part of the solution to effect change.
That is where the way forward lies.

As for rigged elections, you'd have to extremely naive to believe the status quo do not use tactics within the framework of the law to disenfranchise opposing factions, and maximise efforts to achieve their ends, and when you accept that fact, the step outside the law becomes more plausible, and even probable
Just look at the case for Romney getting half the popular vote. Can you really believe such a looser had anywhere near that level of support.. and where was the 'anybody but Obama' backlash, do you believe it went to the looser, and barely a sign of increased support for 3rd parties and independants. I would have backed a large increase in voter turn-out given the widespread perception of a three legged race and no effective policy to avert the looming economic crisis. Did the polls reflect that decrease?, I don't know, you tell me. Were votes sidelined, who knows.

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