Comment: GOP=.Planned to lose....a new name MITT the weaker,,the way OUT

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GOP=.Planned to lose....a new name MITT the weaker,,the way OUT

This is what Ralph Nader meant when he was talking about unsafe at any speed and planned obsolescence. That is the GOP fossil party. There was no energy behind McCain or Romney but millions voted for them. Why? because they did not take the time to study and check out if it was really true that their dear leaders always lie them into war and had covert wars all over the globe and continue to do so. They vote as reactionaries against Obama, the man who will destroy America. So it is all the time. They are whipped into a frenzy against the Blue team. That is the media's job: create a good fight. It is beyond me that with all the web information available that 105 million or so Americans can fall for all this and while we have a police state in our midst. All based on phantoms!! Hysteria over drugs, terror and people with gardens in their front lawn, kids selling lemonade unlicensed etc! This all while the President expanded the drug, wars in Africa and the mideast,moving into asia, the drone wars and all wars except when he was forced to withdraw. There is some kind of mass hypnosis for this to happen! With closed eyes they believe like they are in a bad relationship!! In denial most using the vote defensively. The lesser of two clowns. Mitt was used to be the weaker. Yes Mitt the Weaker! This so Obama can look good man even the arbiter of peace! What a drama... yes lol
We should take a lot of solace in the fact that people are waking up. When things get worse many more will come to our side. There are those even who see finally that there are solutions to America's problems outside of voting. These I see to include the Free State Project, and the moves to make Marijuana legal. I believe there should be more focus on the building actual intentional communities (see and and for Communal Property a Libertarian Analysis), building green libertarianism ideologically, and open source technologies. There is some progress. Stephanie Murphy's (rendition of the) audiobook: Markets, not Capitalism is a great triumph. Both the text and the audiobook can be accessed by going
These are but a few of many resources one can find when searching the web on building a liberty society with real answers.
Further we must work to end the senseless in fighting. The scam left/right split that Rothbard hated can now end.