Comment: What could Rand Paul do to earn my trust?

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What could Rand Paul do to earn my trust?

Well since the establishment is so into population reduction and crypto-eugenics, I'd love to hear Rand Paul stand on a stage and call out these people for what they are.

I would love to hear him make the case for liberty and tell people that when we start drawing lines in the sand deciding who is and isn't "a real person", those you love may be next on the list.

It's long past time to stop fighting their straw arguments and refuse to stay silent. He needs to call out these carbon taxing pro-choice Malthusians who hide behind environmentalism and healthcare to progress their agenda. A poor persons fetus is NOT a disease.

Even the most hard core Atheist who thinks they're surrounded by soulless animals can admit that whatever people are, and whatever we may become is a natural expression of what the earth has created. We're standing on the shoulders of everything that's come before us.

I'd LOVE to see him lay waste to this profane religion of death, hate, and misery.