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On this subject...

I want to dispell this myth that abortion is okay because "it's my body, and I have a right to choose."

Anyone who espouses this myth, I ask them, "So, you support prostitution then? Isn't it a woman's right to do with her body as she chooses?" They usually grimace and say, "No, of course not!" I ask them, "Then you don't support a woman's right to choose what they do with their body?" The conversation normally either ends here, or degenerates into namecalling. Typical liberal response to being attacked with logic and reason.

The real reason liberal's support abortion is the "Equality of Irresponsibility". There is an inequality in nature in regards to pregnancy. Men are free to be "irresponsible" and abandon a pregnant woman. Whereas woman don't have that same freedom, they have to carry the child and face the consequences of unintended pregnancy.

Abortion eliminates this inequality, allowing both men and women the freedom to be equally irresponsible in regards to pregnancy. It makes the world more "fair". None of them will admit this, even to themselves.