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Comment: Rand Paul is a losing ticket.

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Rand Paul is a losing ticket.

Those who support rand are the ones that said Ron Paul had no chance.

Rand Paul chose to support Romney over his own father.

Get a fucking clue people.. If Ron Paul does not run again there is no way his son would be able to rally enough support. He is loved by neocons and hated by many independents and democrats. He cannot be trusted. He will choose party line over principal.

The only liberty canadate that will get support from the liberty movement is someone that voted and supported liberty in 2012. Rand Paul has many years to make up for his betrayal. He will never bring the liberty movement together so why waste time supporting him for president in 2016?? he is a losing ticket.

The only people I see at the moment running and winning in 2016 are.

Ron Paul
Jesse Ventura
Tom Davis
Judge Andrew Napolitano

Anyone who says these guys can't win are those same people that thought Romney could.

Just having these guys nominated would force real change in America winning no matter what.

Ron Paul - Republican

Jesse Ventura - independent

Tom Davis - Republican

Andrew Napolitano - Constitution

Another way to win is to flood the two party system with liberty minded people so do your job and vote.

The only republicans that won had the support of Ron Paul in 2012!