Comment: Call Bomb? Why Call When WE Can Be GOP Leaders?

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Call Bomb? Why Call When WE Can Be GOP Leaders?

We can do something much more effective than phone calls! Making calls and being registered Republican is not enough. It's great to be able to support liberty candidates, but that's not how we take this ship over.

To take over we have to get involved in our county and state GOP. If you're not already, google your state GOP - like this if you're in Florida - - and find out when and where your county meetings are held, and then go! It's very easy to become a PCO here in Florida and I'm sure the equivalent in your state is easy to make happen too. When you become a PCO you have voting rights on who your county GOP office holders are, and if you bring enough of your friends to these meetings and they bring enough of their friends, (it doesn't take a lot, it's amazing how few people are involved and how easy this can be) your county will be run by you and your friends when 2014 rolls around, and then we work to make the state leadership ours from there hopefully before 2016, and when we take the state parties, we take the RNC from there. We can do this, it just takes getting involved and going to a meeting once a month or so, sometimes they are even interesting and not punishment! Imagine how much better they will be when we are running the show and setting the agenda and deciding which speakers we want to invite to speak at the monthly meeting!

The Republican Liberty Caucus is a great way to network with people in your area too and help each other run your local county GOP! I had great fun at the RLC events I've been to and look forward to more!

With us running the show a liberty candidate in 2016 will not have the problems Ron Paul had. We can do this! Viva la revolucion Ron Paul RepubliCANS!

I am!