Comment: I want Mary Landrieu out of

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I want Mary Landrieu out of

I want Mary Landrieu out of the U.S. Senate while Graham is also vacating his seat. These are, in my opinion, the best liberty-minded candidates from LA who sought to be elected to the U.S. House and the percentage of votes each of them received.

LA CD 1 Gary King (R) 8.54%
LA CD 2 Caleb Trotter (L) 2.36%
LA CD 3 Jeff Landry (R) 30.04%
LA CD 4 Randall Lord (L) 24.70%
LA CD 5 Clay Grant (L) 7.84%
LA CD 6 Rufus Craig (L) 10.5%

"The founders would be ashamed of us for what we're putting up with." Ron Paul

"For the country to get better, it needs more than just politicians. Politicians aren't enough. It needs a resurgence through churches, through revivals, through a spiritual