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They KNEW - They Co-Opted; Begin Round 2.

They know? Obviously you didn't pay attention AT ALL during the race because they pulled just about every trick, swindle, and deception they could to keep him out - and by "they" i mean ALL OF THEM. Of course "they know".

They sent in Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck to co-opt the tea Party who quickly steered it toward a more FISCAL message than a FREEDOM one. And now of COURSE they're going to pay lip service to the newest and best hope for freedom in this country. We nearly took over the government!

So moving forward - Are you going to buy their lip service?

Are you going to buy into the whole "marko rubio lead the minorities to the republican party" BS?
Wake up.

The ESTABLISHMENT will go HARD to court the true tea partiers until the next election. There can be only 1 answer: Freedom Candidate or none at all.