Comment: LOL - why are you trying so hard to make me your enemy?

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LOL - why are you trying so hard to make me your enemy?

People use the word "cool" however they want, too. And yet, it has a "standard definition" that means chilly. I am merely expressing my opinion on the matter, at no time did I say I wanted to force anyone to say anything and I certainly did not say I wanted laws made about words.
There is a reason some people oppose "gay marriage" and I understand it semantically. I posted what I have observed so that others might, perhaps, see a bit of common ground.
I don't care who you sleep with, who you live with, or how many children you do or do not raise. But biology is, and people WILL know that, no matter how we muddy the waters with shifting definitions of existing words.
If me having an opinion makes you that angry perhaps you are not dealing with your issues?
Good luck. Life is a long, lonely journey, and if you have found a partner on the trail, I am happy for you and do not give a flying fig what you call it. However, biologically, it will never be what my husband, children and I are. It just is not. It is sad if the facts offend you so.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.