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Comment: SHHH!! You tryin' to get me killed?

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SHHH!! You tryin' to get me killed?

I'd NEVER do anything like grow organic food to spite Monsanto and be ready to feed hungry people - the thought never crossed my mind!
Naw, man, this is just so I can grow "tomatoes" (wink, wink....) Our system sat on a big trailer all summer, I hauled buckets from the fish tank to the grow bed for weeks until my husband got a pump set up.
We live at the end of a dead end dirt road, The Sheriff has been by breaking his neck, he sent a deputy by to "welcome" us who was breaking his neck, and I had an ultra-light that would buzz around over my system every few weeks all summer.
Yep. I'm growing food. That seems to be very suspicious behavior these days....

THANK YOU. If you really want to see how powerful this is, start a meetup. There is a LOT of interest in this topic, and if you know a little, the best way to learn more is to start sharing what you know.

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