Comment: Speak the truth consistenly.

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Speak the truth consistenly.

I doubt he will win my trust, and less likely he will win my vote, and no chance i will donate.
People win my trust by saying what they mean consistently. If Rand was "playing politics" with his endorsement, that indicates to me that he is willing to play politics.... I am all out of patience for that.
As Larkin Rose so eloquently put it, Ron Paul was my "gateway drug to liberty." Unfortunately or fortunately, I developed a taste for "bunny hole diving" and went down one hole too many to want to surrender my Creator bestowed rights to any other humans.
And I am doing this with my money:

I consider that use of money far more valuable than anything any politician would do with it.

Ron Paul, in his own words, stayed away from 9-1 because he "could not handle the controversy." OK. Understood. But, that means we need people who CAN handle controversy to move the entwined causes of truth, justice and liberty. Rand has given every indication that he will be MORE timid than his father. If Rand were to have a sudden display of love of truth, I might be moved to reconsider. What do you think the odds of that happening are?

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.