Comment: Some people are never satisfied.

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Some people are never satisfied.

I admit that I am hard to satisfy politically but the level of disdain on here for Rand is really dumbfounding to me. He's the best of what we have left since Ron has retired. BTW who won Rons seat? I didnt follow it. Anyways, I get it, I didn't vote for Romney, dont agree with him, cant do it. But if you cant get behind Rand then there's really something wrong with what you are looking for in a candidate. You are never going to agree with someone 100% of the time. I dont agree with Ron 100% of the time but I know where he stands and I agree with him on about 90-95% so its good enough. Even if you're in the 75-80% range it should be good enough. Rand is the best chance we have of getting the white house. The deficit is going to be the issue in 4 years. It will most likely top 20 trillion and this is where Rand shines, on debt and deficit issues. Anyway, if you have questions about Rand, list out where you agree, and where you disagree and if you find yourself agreeing with 80% or better you should support him. If not I wish you good luck finding someone else to support. You can always write in Ron Paul or your own name. You always agree with yourself 100% of the time LOL