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Evil is...

...committing violence to force your notions of "the good" on others.

I am not saying that your opinion on homosexuality is incorrect. You may be right about God's disfavor of such acts. By all means, communicate such views with passion and do your best to persuade others so that they might choose to reform their lives and live as you do.

But DO NOT take up arms to force them to, or compel others to commit violence against them if they choose a different path. That is where so many Christians go off the rails and cancel out their morality with gross immorality, rendering themselves and their cause impotent, their "morality" little more than rank hypocricy, and their movement a national embarrassment and scandal.

There can be no morality unless "the good" is freely chosen. Coercion by the state makes morality impossible, because it takes from all of us the most precious gift God gave us -- our freedom to choose. What I've never understood is why so many Christians seek to deny to others that which God has graciously given to all.

DO UNTO OTHERS...JUDGE NOT...WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS, THERE IS LIBERTY! The scriptures rebuke coercive "moralists" (such as yourself?) at every turn. Is this not so?