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Comment: Key words were "read between the lines"

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Key words were "read between the lines"

and I would add, think for yourself and do more research to verify information. That goes for most all alt-media sites.

I worked as a network admin on an AF base for over 10 years. When you have access to top secret information (like I did and Gordon does)you are fully aware that divulging anything you read to the public can get you put in a, like Gordon can easily get you killed.

I treat no different than any other alt media website...I get a lead and then try to find backup and source documentation before I post it or email it to friends and family.

Things are only going to get more difficult in the years ahead with massive disinformation programs by the State trying to slow the amount of intel getting out into the public domain.

People have got to take everything with a grain of salt, learn how to research online, and use their own brain to evaluate things logically. We are propagandized from birth and are told WHAT to think instead of being taught HOW to think. There is a big difference.