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Romans 1

...just keep suppressing the have conscience and creation REVELATION that God exists....and one would hope enough sense that says sex is for pro-creation purposes of the HUMAN race, and perhaps even enough more common sense that says that lifestyle is medically destructive and should not be rewarded, coddled, elevated, lauded, or promoted by GOVERNMENT especially when only a severe majority of normal people choose NOT to ever it because it is unnatural on its face.

You just keep blotting out God and His laws from your mind, pretend to care about your neighbor while being willingly ignorant that the provocation of the Creator and the creation and worship of man-made gods and fruitless religious systems has led to the destruction of innumerable societies in history past...even God's chosen.

You've merely heaped to yourself people who tell you what you want to hear; and so I am confident i am in better company than you...namely our founders who recognize evil, and like Ron Paul, risked it all to stand up against while trusting the Bible you say is NOT God-breathed as a moral guide to both prosper mankind while at the same time WARN mankind that he is bent on hating God in his fallen condition.