Comment: Its a little late

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Its a little late

but better late than never. Actually I respect the guy for speaking the truth. That took guts for him to come out and say it on the devil box. I have to agree to agree with him. Yeah I know everyone has trust issues when they say stuff like this then stab you in the back. Think about it it's after the election and he has nothing to gain politically by saying this. I think the guy actually has thought about it and is figuring it out. This guy was on CNN the night of the election and you could tell he was devastated and the Democratic pendents piled on him. I think the guy realized how bad it feels to have someone kicking you when you're down. Some republicans will get sick of losing and start waking up. I know on my Facebook page every Romney supporter on there has been dead silent since the election. There are a lot of people thinking right now and it is not the time to get our jabs in. Let them think this through and let them wake up. Also I hear people talk about how some of the neocons are using our message as if its a bad thing. Let them use it all they want that is the goal of this movement isn't it. Our goal is to spread the message of liberty to everyone. Let them carry the water for us. Even if the one saying it does not really believe it that's okay because the people who watch him/her on the boob tube will. Let liberty ring!