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that depends..

on which sites you read. Over on the Blaze and a couple of other sides, people are BLASTING Christie, Bush and West as even potential nominees. LOTS of love for Rand Paul, and a few going for Rubio and/or Jindal - tho some are smart enough to already point out that they're probably not eligible. Love him or hate him, Rand at least giving lip-service to supporting Romney has put him (and the Liberty movement) in a TREMENDOUS position in the future (assuming there is one). Yes, there are some crazy die hard echo chambers talking about how AWESOME a run by Jeb would be, but the overwhelming response I'm seeing on FB and other sites is fairly negative towards that idea. The Bush syndicate will have to stick to pulling the strings from behind the curtain I think, I hope to God that people stay smart enough to at least not go for Jeb in 2016 (right now they seem pretty strongly against).