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I am a follower of....

The LORD Jesus Christ; called "Creator" in our Declaration of Independence...likewise specifically referred to in Article VII of our Constitution as "Lord" upon ratification...but these progressive evol d pseudo-patriots keep banging that drum for tolerance through rules, no God, no binding Natural laws from a Supreme Being...good luck with that.

We Ana-baptist leaning scriptural literalists will undoubtedly continue to agitate the united collectivist group of God-hating unbelievers and doctrinally illiterate and willingly ignorant professing Christians in American politics who do not believe in a literal hell for the eternal damnation of human souls dispensed by the Creator in to the world, and REJECED His Son through suppresing the truth in unrighteousness.

What a joke; everyone loves the direct speech against evil government and lies and deceit and corruption; but woe be to the professing Christian who speaks the same against sinful attitudes and behaviors to those seeking salvation through political power!

The state will be prolonged through men of UNDERSTANING; Ron Paul was that MAN for the White you turn to the Godless and against those having knowledge of the Holy Creator in hopes of achieving liberty LOST; foolishly believing that it was NOT our societal wholesale rejection of our founders warnings with respect to enjoying God given liberty through maintaining REVERENCE for the Creator in GRATITUTE is precisely how evil men came to govern us, is simply in error.